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Namibia, a mosaic of landscapes, abundance of wildlife and a kaleidoscope of people. Lodged between 2 deserts and being a fairly dry country, you’ll experience the harshness in some areas, just to be stunned by the sudden appearance of lush vegetation in the dry river beds . The silence in some areas and the burning sun will always stay with you and give to you the tourist the feeling of exploring new frontiers.



The tourist attractions of Namibia are numerous, and all are well documented.

Traveling the rugged terrain of Namibia gives one the impression of exploring new frontiers. The heat in dry season can be an educating experience when overlooked. The abundance of sunlight, and the tranquility of vast open spaces will never be forgotten.

The sparsely-populated landscape, together with the ever-changing scenery,  vegetation and a plenitude of wildlife, make for an unforgettable tour, kilometer upon kilometer.

The people of Namibia comprise of 11 different ethnic groups. Each have their own unique customs, habits and way of life, and live side-by-side to form a friendly, harmonious society .

A visit to some cultural groups in Namibia is a must, and interaction with the everyday village life an experience not easily forgotten.

As a result of a strong sense of the necessity of preservation for future generations, a number of game reserves and national parks have been formed. Conservancies have been created to put management of the natural resources and wildlife into the hands of the local communities that live in the different areas. As such, they benefit from it. 

The Namib Naukluft Park is such an example. It is the third largest nature reserve in Africa (almost 50 000 sq. km in size) and by far the largest in Namibia. It was established to preserve the unique wildlife of the Namib Desert.

The fog-basking beetle, sand-diving lizard, Palmato gecko, Namaqua chameleon and many others all form part of the unique eco-system that brought about the proclamation of this part of Namibia as a protected area. The world-famous Welwitschia mirabilis plant, a relic of the past, is also endemic to the Namib.

The Naukluft section teems with game such as oryx, zebra, kudu, springbuck, ostrich, baboon, klipspringer, etc. The park was originally proclaimed to protect the Mountain Zebra. The Namib Naukluft is also a rewarding area for birding, as a huge array of birds are found in the park.

 The tranquility of Dead- and Hiddenvlei, combined with the majestic red sand-dunes of Sossusvlei make this area a hotspot  to visit. The ever-changing colours of the dune-sea at the coast, together with the gravel plains of the central Namib, need adding to any tour itinerary.

Etosha, Namibia’s most widely-known reserve is also a must on any itinerary, with an amazing abundance of wildlife.

The northern areas of Namibia have a completely different attraction. The Kunene- and Kavango Rivers are a birders’ paradise, and there is plenty of game. Elephant, buffalo, lion, hippo, crocodile, Sable Antelope, Roan Antelope, Impala and Letchwe are just a few to mention. The  Okavango and Kwando Rivers, apart from being excellent birding destinations, are renowned for their freshwater angling, with tiger-fish and a large variety of bream. Three large fresh-water dams  in Namibia add even more diversity to fresh-water angling.

The nutrient-rich waters of the cold Atlantic ocean running along the Namibian coast make for a rewarding angling destination.

The harshness of the Namib Desert  contrasts sharply with the life in the coastal towns.

Adding all these ingredients together makes Namibia “the whole world in one country” destination that must be explored.

Namibia has left an lasting impression on every tourist  that set foot on it.






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