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4 Day Rock Art Camping Tour:

 The Rock art tour takes us back in history and shows you how the people and animals has been depicted by the old people that inhabited this land. The paintings and engravings are very old, some as far back as 6000 years

Places to be visited:

 Phillip’s Cave


Bushman’s Paradise


Brandberg  ( White Lady)

Organ Pipes

Burnt Mountain


Petrified Forest


Day 1:

Leaving a coastal town early in the morning, we head towards Ameib Ranch, close to the Erongo Mountains, where we visit the Phillip’s Cave.  Some Bushman Rock Art is to be seen here.

From Ameib we travel to Spitskoppe and wait for the worst midday heat to pass, before exploring the area. We camp in the community campsite .

Day 2:

Early rise and we head for Bushman’s Paradise in the Pondok Mountains (a part of the Spitskoppe), and view several paintings in the area. We leave from Spitskoppe after lunch and travel towards the old mining town of Uis, and the highest mountain in Namibia, the Brandberg, and camp close by at the Ugab River Camp Site.

Day 3:

We once again arise early and head for the Tsiseb Gorge in the Brandberg. Here we visit the “White Lady Frieze" and numerous other Bushman Paintings. There is the possibility of exploring all the paintings in the Gorge by doing a full archeological tour of the Tsiseb Gorge.

Afterwards we travel to the Aba Huab River where we camp at the community camp site. We visit the Organ Pipes and Burnt Mountain late afternoon, before returning  to the camp. Desert Dwelling Elephants might be seen in the area.

Day 4:

We depart early from Aba Huab and visit Twyfelfontein, famous for more than 2000 Bushman Rock Engravings, and then return to break up camp, before traveling via the  Petrified forest to Khorixas.

From Khorixas we head back towards the coast, arriving late afternoon.




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Rock engraving at Twyfelfontein

Rock Art 4 Day Camping:

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