One of the reed fringed pools at Sandwich HarbourSunset as seen from the top of a dune overlooking the saltworksVegetated dunes on the way to Sandwich harbour. This area are home to some springbok.Great White Pelican in one of the pools Loubser's Tours

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 Sandwich Harbour:

 A tour  to a wetlands of Sandwich Harbour only reachable by 4x4 and the scenic beauty of the sand dunes towering out of the sea. The abundance of birdlife, scenery and the experience of some dune driving adds to the overall experience. On the return journey we visit the wetlands at Pelican Point

 Tour summary :

 Places to visit:

Pelican Point

Sandwich lagoon

Salt works

Bird Island

Dune field

  The tour starts when you are picked up at your residence early in the morning, and we head to Walvis Bay on the B2 route.

We pass the Long Beach Resort, stop at the Bird Island for a photo shoot and then head for Walvis Bay Lagoon for a view of the Flamingoes and possibly Great White Pelicans.

Depending on the tide, we head to either Sandwich or Pelican Point.

The only time it is possible to enter Sandwich Bay is at low tide. Conditions have to be closely monitored before entering, as the waves come right up to the dunes during high tide. There is only a narrow gap on the beach during low tide that allows one to enter, and then only when the sea is calm. Once the tide has turned, we must leave, as the high tide will prevent you from leaving Sandwich Harbour. After entering through the narrow beach, we head to a vantage point where we  have a picnic lunch with a view over the ocean.

We head over the dunes back into the vegetated dunes, hoping to find springbok, black-backed jackal . We do a pleasant scenic beach drive to Pelican Point where we view Cape Fur Seals  and birdlife.

Late afternoon we return  after stopping on a dune overlooking the Salt Works.

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Sandwich harbour

 Sandwich Harbour :

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